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Asset Management

EST. 2021

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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

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Know Better. Do Better.

Successful Investigation, File closed and Case Solved

BBETA Financial understands that filing claims for unclaimed funds can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's where we come in. We are a trusted asset locating and management company dedicated to assisting individuals in locating their rightful funds held by the county or state treasury department.

Oct-Dec 2023


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It’s Your

It’s Your

If our company has contacted you, it's because we believe that we have located funds belonging to you or a relative!






Foreclosure Benefits

A Lifetime Payment Option!

Have you or someone you know

suffered foreclosure in the past 2 years?

You may be entitled to financial compensation!

BBETA Financial now introducing the

foreclosure benefits program to all eligible clients.


Interest Bearing Account

Lifetime Monthly Payments

Cash Value

(Payable Upon Death to Beneficiary)

Tax Free Withdrawal Options

& So Much More!

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*All applicants claiming over $150,000.00 are automatically considered for the BBETA Financial Foreclosure Benefits Program, unless the lump sum cash payment option is specifically requested before the motions file date.


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“Preserving the future by bringing back Estates, Trusts, & Assets to our kind of people, for generations to come.”

Our Mission

Our Heart

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Putting the PRO in Property Protection Professionalism

BBETA Financial

Asset Management

BBETA Financial is a professional service-based company, offering a combination of asset care services, mass communication services, consulting services, financial (literacy) services, and much more!

Company History

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Barrett-Brown Estate, Trust, & Assets, an asset locating company, was established, in Palestine, Texas, during the midst of COVID-19, on April 16th, 2021.

In 2018, our founder, director, and CEO: Mr. Ricky Lee Brown, Jr. took an interest in assets, after assisting his mother, and her siblings, in taking over their late grandfather’s estate, which was tied up in a 2011 civil lawsuit. After successfully reclaiming their interest in what was once thought to be lost, Ricky discovered a passion for researching his ancestors and recovering their property. He would go on to further research and recover additional properties his family held an interest in; not on just one side, but on both sides of his family.

Upon discovering hundreds of acres containing minerals and land owned by the estate of his maternal great grandfather, and hundreds of acres of land owned by the estate of his paternal great-great-great grandmother; Ricky saw the need in joining the asset locating and recovery industries.

After several years of taking certificate courses, taking college classes, and attending financial training, Ricky made the decision to merge his skillsets, and thus, BBETA Financial was born.

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BBETA Financial
Urban City of Dallas, Texas



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What We Offer

Asset Locating

Assisting families in locating their lost and unclaimed property.

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Asset Building

Assisting families in building generational wealth, through both, tangible and intangible property.

Asset Protecting

Assisting families by protecting their members and assets through top of the line insurance products.

Streamline Your Communications.
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Biz Consultations

Assisting businesses in making ethical business decisions for longevity success.

Mass Communication

Assisting individuals and businesses with a wide range of written communication services

Asset locating

We work directly with the county We are licensed and work directly with the county on assisting individuals in filing claims We perform an audit on the county records and they provide us information and updates on statuses of claims No Upfront Fees At BBETA Financial we believe in providing our services without placing any financial burden on our clients That s why we charge no upfront fees We operate on a contingency basis meaning we only receive payment if we are successful in recovering the funds on your behalf This approach ensures that our interests are aligned with yours and you can trust that we will work diligently to maximize your claim Bearing All Legal Fees We understand that legal fees can be a major concern when pursuing unclaimed funds To alleviate this worry we take care of all legal fees associated with the claim Our team of licensed attorneys spread across every state possesses the expertise needed to handle the legal aspects of the process This allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that their claim is being handled by professionals who will navigate any legal complexities on their behalf Direct Lists from the County To streamline the process we have established direct connections with county treasury departments We receive updated lists of individuals who are entitled to unclaimed funds directly from the counties This enables us to identify potential claimants efficiently and promptly ensuring that no eligible funds go unnoticed Dedicated Researchers and Private Investigators At BBETA Financial we have a dedicated team of researchers and private investigators who play a crucial role in our success They employ their expertise to locate individuals who may be entitled to unclaimed funds Once identified we reach out to these individuals and explain our process providing them with the necessary information to initiate their claim
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What happens after

Foreclosure ?

The auctioneer conducts the auction for the sale of real estate .
In The event of a Tax Deed or Mortgage foreclosure The county holds a foreclosure auction on your property due to unpaid taxes or Mortgage The opening bid at this auction is for the amount of taxes or mortgage that is owed What most people do not know is that these properties sell for an amount that is higher than the opening bid and any profit remaining is due to the previous owner The county sends out surplus notifications letters but most of the time it s to the last address on record so you are never informed Our job is to step in and assist you in filing this claim we work directly with the county and can assist you in recovering these funds The beauty of working with us is that we charge NO upfront fees and only get paid a finders fee upon a successful claim So you bear no risk at all


State Funds

Unclaimed state funds are forgotten money from individuals This might sound strange but it s true many people have unclaimed funds that are due to them When Bank accounts safety deposit boxes uncashed checks money orders insurance policies stocks bonds mutual funds trust funds royalties and escrow accounts go unclaimed they end up in the state s treasury These institutions are required to do an annual report to the state s treasury and after a few years of failed contact they turn these funds over to the state We work directly with the state and are licensed finders that will assist you in filing the claim to recover these funds We charge NO upfront fees and handle all of the filings for you


How It

At BBETA Financial we handle the entire filing process including research documentation legal fees and follow up allowing our clients to sit back and relax while we navigate the complexities on their behalf Trust us to help you reclaim your surplus funds efficiently and professionally Contact us today to start the process of reclaiming what is rightfully yours
Identification of Surplus Funds When a property is sold at auction by the county any surplus funds or excess proceeds remaining after satisfying the outstanding debts such as taxes or mortgage payments are legally due to the previous owner or their heirs We receive a comprehensive list directly from the county which helps us identify individuals entitled to these funds Research and Agreement Once we have identified potential claimants our dedicated team of researchers and private investigators conducts extensive research to locate the individuals or their heirs Once located we reach out and provide them with an agreement form to initiate the process of reclaiming the surplus funds Title Search and Liens Check To ensure a smooth and successful claim we perform a thorough title search on the property associated with the surplus funds This search helps us identify any outstanding liens or creditors that need to be addressed during the claim process Verification of Available Funds Before proceeding with the claim we confirm the availability of the surplus funds This step ensures that the funds are accessible for the rightful owner or heirs to claim Preparation of Legal Documents Our experienced team takes care of preparing all necessary legal documents required for the claim We handle the entire documentation process and bear all legal filing fees relieving our clients of any financial burdens associated with the claim Notarization and Claim Submission Once the legal documents are prepared we proceed with getting the county documents notarized to validate the claim We then submit the claim to the appropriate county or state treasury department on behalf of our clients Ongoing Follow Up After the claim is submitted we take the responsibility of following up with the county or state treasury department to ensure that the process is progressing smoothly We keep our clients informed and updated throughout this stage until a successful payout occurs Successful Payout Our dedicated efforts and expertise maximize the chances of a successful payout Once the surplus funds are disbursed to the rightful owner or heirs we receive our contingency fee as agreed upon previously



Land & Minerals







Foreclosure Sales

TO BE HELD April 02, 2024

Anderson Co.

Smith Co.

Dallas Co.

Galveston Co.

Wichita Co.

10:00 am

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We are Texas!

We are a Texas licensed professional

BBETA Financial is a licensed life insurance agency for the state of Texas; authorized to draft annuities and life policies for companies such as NLG, ANICO, & Foresters Financial.

We service the entire state of Texas

The state of Texas has the most counties in the United States, and BBETA Financial specializes in asset locating in all 254 Texas counties.

We have a network of licensed Texas professionals

BBETA Financial is affiliated with several licensed Texas professionals that are ready to work on our clients behalf’s; from realtors, to attorneys, to private investigators.




BBETA Financial is dedicated to protecting our clients. By offering families access to hundreds of different life products, we make it our business to provide you and your family with the quality and peace of mind that you deserve.

What We Offer

We offer Final Expense, Whole Life, Term Life, Children's Term Life, Universal Life, and Mortgage Protection from hundreds of insurance carriers with living benefits.

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No Medical Examination

Want things done faster? We made sure that happen by skipping the doctor and getting straight to it. All we need is a short medical form that will only take you a few minutes to complete.

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Your Needs Are Important To Us

Because of our wide range of options, it has made it possible for us to suit the needs of anyone, no matter your income. On a budget? No problem.

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Building Relationships

We ACTUALLY care about you. Building long lasting relationships is always a priority for us.

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Senior Life Insurance
Lady Justice

Woods Law Firm, P.C.

Arlington, Texas
















Senior Attorney

Dr. Lon E. Woods, Esq.

Our Clients

Quotation Mark

“BBETA Financial helped my family recover our portion of forgotten ancestral property. They saved my children’s inheritance.”

Martha L.

Quotation Mark

“Ricky and his team were a big help for us when my grandmas home was about to be taken by the county , they contacted us just in time to stop the foreclosure!”

Annie A.

Quotation Mark

BBETA Financial offered my family hope during a time that no one else could, Ricky is truly Heaven sent.

Steven H.

Brenda 12/06/2023

Success Story!

Brenda lost over 61 acres of inherited ancestral land.

A property valued well over $400K.

Taken due to a lack of knowledge &

improper estate planning!

BBETA Financial stepped in, right on time,

helping Brenda and her family to recover

well over $220,000.00 from the state of Texas,

before it was too late!

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Case Studies

4 timeline or step or process

* These Case Studies are put together of funds that have been located by BBETA Financial. We take this public information and present it to the public in an effort to increase public awareness.

Texas Tax Code 34.04

States that a Former Owner is entitled to be paid Excess Proceeds, according to their ownership interest.

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A Sheriff’s Tax Deed is used to transfer a property in a tax foreclosure suit.

Monthly database audits are conducted on each county’s treasury department to locate unclaimed funds.

Excess proceeds are calculated by subtracting the Est. Min. Bid from the Sold Amount (Sold Amount - Min Bid Amount = Excess).

The Office of the Texas Comptroller governs the states Unclaimed Property Division.

You may have unclaimed funds held by the state, search the Texas Unclaimed Property Division.

Found Property ?

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